Monday, October 19, 2015

What is Mercy?

What is mercy? A life sentence or being killed?

How would you feel to be kept as a captive in one place all your life? Seeing the sky only when someone else thinks it's time? Allowing to ease your nature's calls and biological needs only with someone else's wish and time?..

How would you feel to be a captive for a life time, being tied with a harness? Being dragged to places with other people's will and wish?..

How would you feel to be kept as a captive, on harness and you being screwed at someone else's wish?

How would you feel to be kept as a captive, tied with a harness, and screwed against your will and wish, you delivering a baby only to get separated from it?

How would you feel when you are screwed again and made to give a baby again and then seperated from it? And how if this gets repeated again untill you give up? All for someones else's purpose!!

How would you feel to live all that and to see your baby also is made to live the same..

Slaved? Tortured? Harassed?

Would you prefer to live such a life or chose to get killed?

Do you drink milk?

What is mercy?

Someone tell me the defenition of being vegetarian after drinking milk all their life? Someone tell me what it means when you offer flowers to a creature and then make it live all the above? Someone tell me what it means to call the creature 'Godess' 'GoMatha' and making it live all the above.. what value would those flowers have for that life? What value would the label have after making it live a life of slave?

What is mercy?

Sunday, September 20, 2015

My Visitor..

My visitor..

I looked outside my window
There sat a beautiful sparrow
On the guava tree
Looking anxiously at me

'Hey pretty how are you..'
The sprarrow asked me
I said I am getting better
Narrating all my pain
The illness that put all my plans in vain

How I felt tired suddenly on a busy day
And how I had to return home keeping all work at bay
Since then, from the rest of my world
I had to be away

How painful it felt to sit
Without being able to see my world
'Dear Beautiful..' I asked the sparrow
'Is the sky and the ocean still blue?'

The sparrow looked at me
And gave me a smile
'I understand friend..'
The sparrow spoke
I have my near and dear
Who never saw the sky
Who never could fly
Being away from all the loved ones
They haven't seen their world at all

But they never were ill
And they did not fall any sick
Still.. they were always kept away
From their lovely world as you say'

'Dear pretty..' The sparrow added
'A few days without seeing your world
Has made you so miserable
What would you feel if all your age
would pass in such a cage..

The sky is still blue and the ocean too
And I wish you see your world in a day or two'

And the sparrow flew away..
I sat looking at the tree..
The bird has spoken a story..
Can we all set the world free?

Saturday, September 19, 2015

My Garlic!

Post Makers of Facebook!

The social networkers are of various types.  You see them in various colours, words, laughs and emotions. Here are a few of them. Do you identify yourself?

1. Don't know why I am here.. : Majority of the first-timers and virgin users are of this category.  They are not sure of why and what exactly to do here. They just jump in and try to find all and everyone around and create a friends list.  Two third of the people in their list would be unknown to them!

2. The Stealers : They are found updating new post every day.  Certain that they have subscribed to 'Motivational message of the day' 'Humor quotes of the day' or 'Good morning wishes of the day'.  They do not 'share' these post, but copy-paste the words or photos into their status and make it their own! The stealers!

3. Selfie makers : The only job they are found to do are, take selfies and upload. Never care how it looks or where they are. Just click and upload. As if the world is dying to see them every second.

4. The too goods.. Show Makers :  They are always happy. Shares the photos of kids, their wife, their mother and then a group photo. Declaring the functions at home, the celebrations in town and all the words goodness.

5. God men & god woman : The god goers.  They are the founders of God sharing all the pictures and stories of God. The darshan givers.  The most interesting thing is that, if you don't share the pictures of snakes or Ganesha to 10, 20, 50 or 100's of people you know, they declare you to be cursed with a bad omen!

6. Look, i am here too :  They cant stop themselves putting a comment of anything you post. It maybe that their comment wouldn't have anything to do with your post.  And you wouldn't even know them! But there they are!

7. Genuines : They come and post something original, once a while. May be some exciting photos, may be some sharing post or may be something they read and found worth sharing in the friends group. Worth having them in your friends list!

8. Peepers :  They have nothing more to do other than studying every persons profile, either from the work group, or from the old school or college friends, or may be a neighbor or relative.  How interesting they find in peeping in to see the photo albums and all mobile uploads waiting even on a slow connection!

9. Sharers : The random shareres! Half of the post they share would be unread. Who cares! Share Share Share whatever comes across.  They do not know that they are flooding the timelines of their friends who happen to follow them fortunately or unfortunately.

10. The readers and politicians : They are here only to propagate their part of politics.  The ruling government or the opposition. We get to read a lot of fun, gags, counter comedy, irony and what not! 

11. I am too intelligent types : They share post that no one actually understand. They would have tried to understand and when they fail, they share! And they 'like' such posts too on their friends wall!

12. Chatting guns : At times when you are reading something, you get shot by 'Hai..' 'How r u'.. They may not know you other than from the profile information that you share. You get bombarded with messages even if you sound a bit disinterested.

13. The universal likers : It seems fb had invented the 'like' for them.  They happen to like anything and everything. Even the stories of earthquakes, accidents or condolences!

14. Self Marketing : They are like celebrities sharing out of the world photos (many photoshop'd or beautified) making envious all and everyone who watch.. gather likes and comments from all around the world. What a wonderful way of self marketing! 

(Note: Apologies to all my friends on FB.. No pun intended!)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Companion..

My companion..

You can take me in your arms when no one wanna touch you..
You can share your pain with me when no one wanna look at you..
You can talk to me when you have no one to listen to you..
You can take me in your arms when no one wanna touch you..

Two drops of love..

Two drops of love...

I will not let the darkness touch you, i will be your sun
For all the words that you cant speak, i will be your voice
In winter i will be your blanket, In summer i will be your rain
For all the storm that you cross i will be your cain

Time Machine!

Ever thought of going back to time?

Going through my parent's wedding album , I used to wonder how to reach in the past to see if i was actually present during my parents wedding as they say each time i search for myself in their wedding album.. the DD fiction series of 80s 'Indradhanush' had opened another window of imagination.. if only i had that time machine that took me back to time i wanted to see... my wishlist was not much long..  it had curious little wishes..  my parents wedding.. seeing my grandparents whom i could never make out from the smoky old photo frames hung on the wall.. how my father and mother were when they were in school.. from the stories that i have heard, the goat that used to be there with my grandma.. the jackfruits that hung in a bunch on the tree next to my grannys house.. i believed one day it would really happen.. someone would gift me a time machine..and i will see it all!

The innocent believes vanished with age as matured mind now could identify between truth and fiction.

Sometimes fiction is so good to believe than truth.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Road to salvation..

Road to salvation...

A day when you realise you cannot go for work..
When you realise you cannot meet people..
When you realise you cannot walk with the world..

I never knew how one would feel to sit isolated when rest of the world is rushing for the day ahead..
How would i feel when my work would be waiting for me and i may not be able reach my desk..
How it feels when you know you are needed but you cannot help it and get there..

How it feels not to see my kids.. not to look at them even when you know they are around..
How it feels to hear the kid ask.. ' where is amma.. when would amma return home..'  still being unable to run to them and hold them and kiss them..

I look at myself in the mirror.. i see a thousand shadows trying to escape my body..
Running to office..
Running to kids..
Running to pick the groceries..
Running to see my favorite tv shows..
Running to compete with this dynamic world..

And then i realise..  i cannot move..

The truth of life.. You may stop one day. Your world wouldn't!

Flying.... has anyone lived the feeling atleast in dreams..? I have.

Flying.... has anyone lived the feeling atleast in dreams..? I have.

This is not about flying in a garden swing or an aircraft. The bird flight..  Since my childhood i had always been living in my imaginative world. At times it would be the world of Cinderella or the wonder land of Alice or the book that has fascinated me.. even the tales of TinTin..

Eversince i realised, it would have been easier only if i could fly to get things which i really wanted to, whether to get a kite stuck on the top of a lamp pot, or to pluck a mango from the bunch on the tree that stood looking at us in the compound that i passed on the way to my school.  Also, at times, i felt some day people may develop wings that i would be able to buy from the shops. Then i will be able to fly one day. The feeling was so intense that my mind would practice and feel as if i am flying. Those days i used to get my dreams where i actually experienced the pleasure of flying.. Any dream, a stage came where i actually fly. What i used to see is that i will run, run fast.. and within a few distance my steps would go off the land.. and then in the air.. spread my hands and direct my flight.. freedom!

I saw trees, the tangles of the electric wires and unknown cables, the cat that always used to walk through the tiled roof top of my neighbours house.. the flag on the flag post during the temple festival.. the chimney that puffed smoke from the neighborhood.. the flight was flawless.. i wonder how many of you have experienced this..  i learnt that my power of imagination was beyond ordinary as i could see everything that i wanted to see in its closets..

It was not like a reflux action like lifting of your hand during sleep for a smash in shuttle badminton and you realise you were on your bed and not in the badminton court only when you wake up feeling the weightless fall of the hand right on your face..  this feeling is in real dream. I am among the fortunate few who has the ability to continue with their dream even if it gets disrupted.  And at times, the dream continues to reach a conclusion which my mind choses, though it is a struggle in sleep as you are only an observer when you dream.. what controls is the mind keeping the whole experience undisturbed..

The process of flying on my own has been the most wonderful dream experiences i have had. Being in the sky is a feeling of complete freedom from the world below. With age, the imagination and its dimensions change. I never get that dream now.. wish i become a child again.

Childhood was awsome!