Monday, October 19, 2015

What is Mercy?

What is mercy? A life sentence or being killed?

How would you feel to be kept as a captive in one place all your life? Seeing the sky only when someone else thinks it's time? Allowing to ease your nature's calls and biological needs only with someone else's wish and time?..

How would you feel to be a captive for a life time, being tied with a harness? Being dragged to places with other people's will and wish?..

How would you feel to be kept as a captive, on harness and you being screwed at someone else's wish?

How would you feel to be kept as a captive, tied with a harness, and screwed against your will and wish, you delivering a baby only to get separated from it?

How would you feel when you are screwed again and made to give a baby again and then seperated from it? And how if this gets repeated again untill you give up? All for someones else's purpose!!

How would you feel to live all that and to see your baby also is made to live the same..

Slaved? Tortured? Harassed?

Would you prefer to live such a life or chose to get killed?

Do you drink milk?

What is mercy?

Someone tell me the defenition of being vegetarian after drinking milk all their life? Someone tell me what it means when you offer flowers to a creature and then make it live all the above? Someone tell me what it means to call the creature 'Godess' 'GoMatha' and making it live all the above.. what value would those flowers have for that life? What value would the label have after making it live a life of slave?

What is mercy?