Saturday, December 24, 2016

I have two gem stones with me..

Walking past the sand I crossed the earth
Leaving everything far behind
All i could see is my foot steps 
That followed me all the way
I looked into my hands
My fingers were clenched tight
There was something inside 
I opened them and found
Two gem stones of my life
All that I carry when i crossed the world
Are those that i picked from my memories..
I have two gem stones with me

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I am an angel..

The light that touched me
Made me an angel
For it touched the sky
And the trees, And the river
For it touched the wind
And the rain, And the sand
For it touched the stars
And the sun, And the moon
For it touched the nature
And made it divine
The light that touched me
Made me an angel

Monday, March 7, 2016

In search of new..

I opened my eyes
And fluttered my wings
And saw the walls crumble down
That once had been my world around
A lessons i learnt as i stepped out was
Old should perish for new to reign
Far across the deep blue sky
I could see a herd of birds fly
The trees, the flowes, the river beside
Sang the beautiful glory of land
'How lucky i am for this new world of mine..' i thought
Old should perish for new to reign
Silence broke with a clatter of noice
Which pierced through my little ears
There i saw a bird fall
With its wings borken and blooded with tears
The noices went on hurting my ears
Shaking the beautiful glory of land
I asked the bird what is it all
The bird said i crossed the fence
Which was the border man had made
Dividing the land that god had made
And the noise was nothing
But onset of war
closing its eyes the bird fell asleep
In deep pain that it would never relieve
I wish i could go back to a no mans world
How safe i was inside those walls
The world that i just crumbled down
Alone i stand in search of a wind
The lesson i learnt was hard but true
Old should perish for new to reign

Monday, February 29, 2016

My cocoon..

I held you close and became your shell
I gave you my colour and made you beautiful

But i know one day you would be free to fly
And find your wings a whole new sky
Seek new flowers and spread the colors
And join new wings and fly high

Amidst your flight, my dear lil child
Will you remember this old lil shell?
Alone i would be and wait to see
The beautiful wings of my butterfly

All that make my world would be
A gaze of you in the beautiful new sky
A wink of smile, a flutter of love
Is all i need to keep me alive

I can still fly..

A storm that passed my way
Swept half of my world away
Falling down many a times
I picked myself up again

I stand above the lost world
Strong enough for storms to come
Through all these i never forgot
To teach the world how to fly