Tuesday, September 3, 2019

I could feel the steam
Floating all over
Gush of hot water
ran as if rain
I wished it could run down
The pain, as well,
that you left
Inside and outside

Bruised all over, I stood
As a ruin
Used abused betrayed
By you..
Torn, wounded and burnt
Deserted, left to bleed
As water could wash
Only the stains
The wound was deep
And cut through the soul

The ladder stood
Right on my shoulder
You stepped on
In stepping up
That bent my neck
My hands were full
With both my kids
Twisted i stood
And I couldn't bear
The burden of fear

There is a day
When i speak
And raise my voice
And say a DON'T
Ruins that left
Can raise again
I can rise from
The ashes again
As a storm that can
Sweep the world

I promise you
I will be back
Stronger, healthier
As better, the best
Like never before
The world had seen
To stand against all
And never to fall
I promise you
I will come back

#woman #standagainstcruelty #voiceunheard #NOtoabuse

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Dancing through the rain
I reached one world to other
Where the once fertile a land
Was made not to fruit
Atlast i realise
Barren became the sand
And the rude invader
Scavenged through the roots
Sun sent gamma rays
And earth sent platinum
Salveging the body
Trying to save the life
How soon a flower
Was made into a stone
Weaning the body and
Slowly killing the womb

a ray of hope

I sat watching the sun rise
The birds that were chirping
On the Banyan tree
The array of pegions
Spread over the tiled roof
All ignored me
And basked in the sun light
A cuckoo flew on my roof
And said "you may seem pale today..
But soon will the sky shine
And the flowers bloom
And i will come back to you
With a beautiful song.."
Giving me a ray of hope
The bird flew away
I smiled at the sky
With her beautiful song
The cuckoo would return one day

You never know! Never take life for granted..

The tree i was

The tree i was
Bearing fruits and flowers
My leaves and the barks
Always danced with the wind
A storm one day
Hit me hard
Left me uprooted and devastated
That i was about to fall
Then came the saviors of God
Thousand hands joined together
Saved me from falling
Put me back into the earth
Thousand hands joined together
In prayers to heal me
And finally here i am
I stand again..
To see the sun and the moon
To dance with the wind
I may not bear fruits and flowers
But to the kinfolk
I can give my shade and shelter
The tree i am
For those thousand hands
That joined together
I am and i will be obliged forever

Before i disappear

Before i disappear
Will you give me another day
To see my little one play
To see her come back from school
To hear her say 'amma i am hungry'
To make her the most delicious supper
Will you give me another day
To see her sing and dance
To see her beautiful smiles
To see her master her skills
To see her win her battles
Will you give me another day
As i promised her a 'yes'
When she asked me
'Amma will you be with me forever?'
Even though I knew
I would not be able to keep
Will you give me another day
As today she has
her existence in me
I know a day would come
And she would be ready to fly
But untill then, she need me
Today I smile
To see the undivided love
When she runs into me
Looking up into my eyes
And say 'Amma i love you the most'
O' God.. will you?
Before i disappear into the clouds
Will you give me another day?

My hero..
He held my hand and walked with me
When I kept those first lil trembling steps
His grip, firm yet warm
Reassured me that he is always there beside
He picked me up and held me high
And showed me the world around
When the school bell rang, and I looked for him
He would appear to take me back home
From peddling a cycle to racing a bike
However high I fly I would run to him at the end of the day
To show him all that i had achieved
And to see that brilliant smile
That told me how proud he was
I was and i will always be my papa's girlie
Now when I am 38, he is old yet strong
For even today he held my hand
His grip, firm yet warm
When i walked through the cancer ward
Being my strength and being my shelter
He walked with me all the way
He is and he will be my biggest hero