Wednesday, December 27, 2017

My hero..
He held my hand and walked with me
When I kept those first lil trembling steps
His grip, firm yet warm
Reassured me that he is always there beside
He picked me up and held me high
And showed me the world around
When the school bell rang, and I looked for him
He would appear to take me back home
From peddling a cycle to racing a bike
However high I fly I would run to him at the end of the day
To show him all that i had achieved
And to see that brilliant smile
That told me how proud he was
I was and i will always be my papa's girlie
Now when I am 38, he is old yet strong
For even today he held my hand
His grip, firm yet warm
When i walked through the cancer ward
Being my strength and being my shelter
He walked with me all the way
He is and he will be my biggest hero

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