Sunday, February 19, 2017



I ran behind the vehicle
Ammu had forgot her pouch
I yelled at the bus driver as i ran
He did not stop..
And watched the bus moving far
I returned home and searched for devu
She was not seen anywhere..
I ran through the neighbouring streets
Peeped in all open doors calling out for her
Then i saw my father walking across..
And devu holding his fingers..
I was relieved.. i called her.. she did not notice
I followed them.. calling her name..
She did not turn to me..
I was wondering.. may be she is angry..
But then i realised.. no one looked at me..
No one answered me when i searched my kid
As if no one could hear me.. as if no one could see me
I entered my house.. right behind devu
She ran and sat beside someone who was lying down..
I saw devu hugging and kissing the pale face..
I went near and had a close look..
It was me.. immobile.. without words..

I could talk but no one can hear me..
I could see all but no one saw me..
I could run but my body lay immobile..

Oh God, can i get my life back..?
If not, can you take me back..?

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