Wednesday, December 27, 2017

you came and you left..

you came and you left..
I was alone.. my sky was blue
you came.. colored my world
there came trees, flowers, fruits
there came birds.. chirping and songs
wind blew and carried fragrance..
I was breathing love all over
I wanted a flower.. you gave me a garden
you gave me wings and made me fly
I close my eyes....and there it rained..
and roared over my little blue sky..
the thunder and the storm
washed away my world..
the trees, the flowers, the birds
and the wings.. had vanished!
deep i fell over the ruins
which once was a garden
I opened my eyes
and i stand again!!
but i can take the walk alone
I will never quit
you came and you left..
and made me strong enough
to be myself and stand alone!

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