Monday, September 14, 2015

Flying.... has anyone lived the feeling atleast in dreams..? I have.

Flying.... has anyone lived the feeling atleast in dreams..? I have.

This is not about flying in a garden swing or an aircraft. The bird flight..  Since my childhood i had always been living in my imaginative world. At times it would be the world of Cinderella or the wonder land of Alice or the book that has fascinated me.. even the tales of TinTin..

Eversince i realised, it would have been easier only if i could fly to get things which i really wanted to, whether to get a kite stuck on the top of a lamp pot, or to pluck a mango from the bunch on the tree that stood looking at us in the compound that i passed on the way to my school.  Also, at times, i felt some day people may develop wings that i would be able to buy from the shops. Then i will be able to fly one day. The feeling was so intense that my mind would practice and feel as if i am flying. Those days i used to get my dreams where i actually experienced the pleasure of flying.. Any dream, a stage came where i actually fly. What i used to see is that i will run, run fast.. and within a few distance my steps would go off the land.. and then in the air.. spread my hands and direct my flight.. freedom!

I saw trees, the tangles of the electric wires and unknown cables, the cat that always used to walk through the tiled roof top of my neighbours house.. the flag on the flag post during the temple festival.. the chimney that puffed smoke from the neighborhood.. the flight was flawless.. i wonder how many of you have experienced this..  i learnt that my power of imagination was beyond ordinary as i could see everything that i wanted to see in its closets..

It was not like a reflux action like lifting of your hand during sleep for a smash in shuttle badminton and you realise you were on your bed and not in the badminton court only when you wake up feeling the weightless fall of the hand right on your face..  this feeling is in real dream. I am among the fortunate few who has the ability to continue with their dream even if it gets disrupted.  And at times, the dream continues to reach a conclusion which my mind choses, though it is a struggle in sleep as you are only an observer when you dream.. what controls is the mind keeping the whole experience undisturbed..

The process of flying on my own has been the most wonderful dream experiences i have had. Being in the sky is a feeling of complete freedom from the world below. With age, the imagination and its dimensions change. I never get that dream now.. wish i become a child again.

Childhood was awsome!

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