Monday, September 14, 2015

Road to salvation..

Road to salvation...

A day when you realise you cannot go for work..
When you realise you cannot meet people..
When you realise you cannot walk with the world..

I never knew how one would feel to sit isolated when rest of the world is rushing for the day ahead..
How would i feel when my work would be waiting for me and i may not be able reach my desk..
How it feels when you know you are needed but you cannot help it and get there..

How it feels not to see my kids.. not to look at them even when you know they are around..
How it feels to hear the kid ask.. ' where is amma.. when would amma return home..'  still being unable to run to them and hold them and kiss them..

I look at myself in the mirror.. i see a thousand shadows trying to escape my body..
Running to office..
Running to kids..
Running to pick the groceries..
Running to see my favorite tv shows..
Running to compete with this dynamic world..

And then i realise..  i cannot move..

The truth of life.. You may stop one day. Your world wouldn't!

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