Saturday, September 19, 2015

Post Makers of Facebook!

The social networkers are of various types.  You see them in various colours, words, laughs and emotions. Here are a few of them. Do you identify yourself?

1. Don't know why I am here.. : Majority of the first-timers and virgin users are of this category.  They are not sure of why and what exactly to do here. They just jump in and try to find all and everyone around and create a friends list.  Two third of the people in their list would be unknown to them!

2. The Stealers : They are found updating new post every day.  Certain that they have subscribed to 'Motivational message of the day' 'Humor quotes of the day' or 'Good morning wishes of the day'.  They do not 'share' these post, but copy-paste the words or photos into their status and make it their own! The stealers!

3. Selfie makers : The only job they are found to do are, take selfies and upload. Never care how it looks or where they are. Just click and upload. As if the world is dying to see them every second.

4. The too goods.. Show Makers :  They are always happy. Shares the photos of kids, their wife, their mother and then a group photo. Declaring the functions at home, the celebrations in town and all the words goodness.

5. God men & god woman : The god goers.  They are the founders of God sharing all the pictures and stories of God. The darshan givers.  The most interesting thing is that, if you don't share the pictures of snakes or Ganesha to 10, 20, 50 or 100's of people you know, they declare you to be cursed with a bad omen!

6. Look, i am here too :  They cant stop themselves putting a comment of anything you post. It maybe that their comment wouldn't have anything to do with your post.  And you wouldn't even know them! But there they are!

7. Genuines : They come and post something original, once a while. May be some exciting photos, may be some sharing post or may be something they read and found worth sharing in the friends group. Worth having them in your friends list!

8. Peepers :  They have nothing more to do other than studying every persons profile, either from the work group, or from the old school or college friends, or may be a neighbor or relative.  How interesting they find in peeping in to see the photo albums and all mobile uploads waiting even on a slow connection!

9. Sharers : The random shareres! Half of the post they share would be unread. Who cares! Share Share Share whatever comes across.  They do not know that they are flooding the timelines of their friends who happen to follow them fortunately or unfortunately.

10. The readers and politicians : They are here only to propagate their part of politics.  The ruling government or the opposition. We get to read a lot of fun, gags, counter comedy, irony and what not! 

11. I am too intelligent types : They share post that no one actually understand. They would have tried to understand and when they fail, they share! And they 'like' such posts too on their friends wall!

12. Chatting guns : At times when you are reading something, you get shot by 'Hai..' 'How r u'.. They may not know you other than from the profile information that you share. You get bombarded with messages even if you sound a bit disinterested.

13. The universal likers : It seems fb had invented the 'like' for them.  They happen to like anything and everything. Even the stories of earthquakes, accidents or condolences!

14. Self Marketing : They are like celebrities sharing out of the world photos (many photoshop'd or beautified) making envious all and everyone who watch.. gather likes and comments from all around the world. What a wonderful way of self marketing! 

(Note: Apologies to all my friends on FB.. No pun intended!)

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