Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Time Machine!

Ever thought of going back to time?

Going through my parent's wedding album , I used to wonder how to reach in the past to see if i was actually present during my parents wedding as they say each time i search for myself in their wedding album.. the DD fiction series of 80s 'Indradhanush' had opened another window of imagination.. if only i had that time machine that took me back to time i wanted to see... my wishlist was not much long..  it had curious little wishes..  my parents wedding.. seeing my grandparents whom i could never make out from the smoky old photo frames hung on the wall.. how my father and mother were when they were in school.. from the stories that i have heard, the goat that used to be there with my grandma.. the jackfruits that hung in a bunch on the tree next to my grannys house.. i believed one day it would really happen.. someone would gift me a time machine..and i will see it all!

The innocent believes vanished with age as matured mind now could identify between truth and fiction.

Sometimes fiction is so good to believe than truth.

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