Sunday, September 20, 2015

My Visitor..

My visitor..

I looked outside my window
There sat a beautiful sparrow
On the guava tree
Looking anxiously at me

'Hey pretty how are you..'
The sprarrow asked me
I said I am getting better
Narrating all my pain
The illness that put all my plans in vain

How I felt tired suddenly on a busy day
And how I had to return home keeping all work at bay
Since then, from the rest of my world
I had to be away

How painful it felt to sit
Without being able to see my world
'Dear Beautiful..' I asked the sparrow
'Is the sky and the ocean still blue?'

The sparrow looked at me
And gave me a smile
'I understand friend..'
The sparrow spoke
I have my near and dear
Who never saw the sky
Who never could fly
Being away from all the loved ones
They haven't seen their world at all

But they never were ill
And they did not fall any sick
Still.. they were always kept away
From their lovely world as you say'

'Dear pretty..' The sparrow added
'A few days without seeing your world
Has made you so miserable
What would you feel if all your age
would pass in such a cage..

The sky is still blue and the ocean too
And I wish you see your world in a day or two'

And the sparrow flew away..
I sat looking at the tree..
The bird has spoken a story..
Can we all set the world free?

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